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     ♔  ~(David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” and Disney’s “Aladdin” crossover)~  

                                                                Arabian nights

                                                         ’Neath Arabian moons

                                                            A fool off his guard

                                                         Could fall and fall hard

                                                        Out there on the dunes…


                                           i n s p i r e d  b y ;  

                                           (a fanfiction gifset meme, part I)

~”…a man so beautiful, so impossible to fathom, and in his beauty so terrible and so destructive…perhaps he loves the desert because he is like the desert…maybe Aurens is not a man, but some kind of spirit…a human embodiment of the very land they inhabit…”~ (a quote from “his eyes still haunt my dreams”, by florence of arabia)

~”In part two, Lawrence is initially shaken when an Ottoman soldier shoots and misses him at close range. Apparently convinced of his invulnerability, he stands motionless, shocked and then serene as the soldier fires his remaining ammunition in his direction. "They can only kill me with a golden bullet," he later declares.”~ (quote from the “A Sword with Two Edges; Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and the End of Empire”)

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